Green Processing of Wild Berries Social Enterprise

Overall Goal

Improved sustainability of livestock based agriculture in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains by means of integrating traditional activities in the modern economic system.


1. Establishing a green non-wood processing unit and certification of products obtained.

1.1 Technical consultancy and documentation for designing and equipping the processing area

1.2 Technical consultancy for installing and usage of green energy

1.3 Preparing and adapting the processing area

1.4 Purchasing and installing the necessary equipment for green energy

1.5 Purchasing and installing the processing equipment

1.6 Training and certification of personnel involved in processing

1.7 Preparing documentation and obtaining the products’ certification


2. Research study for determining the nutritional characteristics and optimal harvesting period for the forest berries and communication of these to the farmers through training, best practices guide and exchange visits.

2.1 Research study

2.2 Organize training on the advantages of capitalizing non-wood products and acknowledging the importance of applying a sustainable management respecting at the same time the principles for a healthy environment

2.3 Develop a best practices guide raising farmers’ awareness regarding an income generating opportunity while protecting the environment

2.4 Exchange visit between the Norway and Romanian farmers


3. Dissemination of project achievements.

3.1 Creating a printed material that presents the project’s achievements

3.2 Developing a project web page and a representative logo

3.3 The mandatory publicity package comprises an opening conference, a communication of results conference and a closing conference


4. Project management

4.1 Management- Promoters personnel

4.2 Audit and auditor checks for disbursements

4.3 Preparing documentation and obtaining the necessary authorization for functioning and the necessary permits.

4.4 Reporting

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