Green Processing of Wild Berries Social Enterprise



The context of the project

This project is based on the strong partnership of Heifer Romania and FAMD (Mountain Farmers Federation "Dorna”) with Bioforsk Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental.


This project aims to create a non-wood product processing unit using sources of green energy and obtaining certified products. Non-wood products refer to all types of berries (blueberries; raspberries, blackberries, redcurrant, blackcurrant etc.), mushrooms and herbs. The project target area was identified as being “bio” by the authorities.


The second purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the federation’s members about the importance of correct capitalization of non-wood products gathered from the forest floor and the added value of this activity. Currently, gathering and processing these natural resources does not represent a key point of interest for people in mountain areas, due to the lack of processing infrastructure.


Through the project, farmers’ awareness will be raised on the importance of managing these resources in accordance with environmental principles, ensuring a sustainable management of the forest areas. Thus local mountain farmers’ members of FAMD, will have the opportunity of obtaining certified products that can be sold under a unified brand, gaining added value diversification. This will lead to the dynamic control and prevention of chaotic exploitation of non-wood products.


The processing unit will function under FAMD administration and in the interest of its members. Within the organization there will be a number of qualified people that will be involved in processing the raw material provided by the members. Processing costs will take into account all functioning expenses, thus a processing price will be established by the federation’s general assembly.

This new service will increase mountain farmers’ income and at the same time strengthening the bond among members and federation. Green energy will be used during the entire process, for producing electricity and warm water.

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